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Zaras & Neudorfer Architects
Founded 1999


Zaras & Neudorfer Architects' focus is on context based planning and design in urban and historically demanding sites. Alexander Zaras and William Neudorfer are uniquely experienced in crafting architecturally enduring solutions in the most demanding contexts, successfully integrating the complexities and contradictions of site, program and function and cultural setting.  Zaras & Neudorfer Architects are committed to excellence in design and client service, which have distinguished their experience and practice of architecture to date.


Zaras & Neudorfer began working together in the mid-1980's at the firm of Hartman-Cox Architects (HCA).  After over 25 years of combined experience in commercial, institutional and residential architecture with HCA, Alex Zaras and Bill Neudorfer established Zaras and Neudorfer Architects (ZNA) in 1999.

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